Maleficent Halloween Costume Ideas for Women and Girls

Maleficent Halloween Costume Ideas for Women and Girls

The Disney movie Maleficent has been a huge hit and it’s full of characters to dress up as this Halloween. Whether you want to go as Maleficent or Aurora, there are plenty of costumes depicting good or evil characters to choose from.

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The Maleficent costume includes a black or purple dress that has a standup collar like is shown in the movie. Some of the dresses come with a slit in the front from the ankle to just above the knee.

Others also have a sculpted brooch on the front. The dresses have loose and billowing sleeves and tight waistlines.

The Maleficent costumes may also include a crow prop or a staff. The costume also has a headpiece with horns similar to the ones Maleficent wore in the movie.

The headpieces are usually large enough to hold hair back and up off the neck.

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This Disney themed costume is not only suitable for adults. You can also find adorable and suitable versions for younger girls.

The costumes for adults are close to ankle-length while the costumes for tweens are closer to knee-length.

The costumes may also include a bright red apple or a crown. If they don’t and you desire these items, they can be bought as separate pieces.

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For Aurora costumes, you can find a couple of different styles. One is a simple pale blue dress. Most of the dresses include gold trim around the wrists, hemline, waistline, and collar.

The dress stops about knee-length for children and teens.

Other Aurora costumes are gold dresses with pink flowers on the front. The costume may include a gold headpiece and matching shoes.

On adults, the gold dress stops just below the knee and has gold trim around the collar, waistline, and wrists.

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3 Breaking Bad Halloween Costume Ideas

3 Breaking Bad Halloween Costumes

The television show Breaking Bad provides some great Halloween Costume ideas for men. This was one of the biggest hit shows, which originally ran from 2008 to 2013.

The show contained many popular and memorable characters and here are some great fancy dress costumes that you could put together.

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Walter White Halloween Costume

If you’re looking for an easily recognisable character costume to use for Halloween, Walter White is a great choice.

On Breaking Bad, Walt wore several different outfits, but his most remembered one is the yellow toxic suit he frequently wore while working with crystal meth.

The yellow suit costume comes with a yellow jumpsuit that zips up in the back and has a hood you can pull up. The jumpsuit often comes with elastic in the wrists and ankles.

It may also include a black mask similar to the one Walt often wore when working. The mask may have a fake breathing system and foam surrounding it. Blue Latex gloves that go about three inches past the wrist are also included with the costume.

If you want to accessorise, you can also find a goatee that comes with self-adhesives that stay on for a relatively long amount of time. The costume may also include the glasses similar to the ones Walt was always seen wearing on the show, but you’ll have to check to see what accessories are sold jointly with the costume.

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Heisenberg Halloween Costume

You can also dress up in a hat and dark sunglasses if you want to go as Walt’s alter ego, Heisenberg.

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Jesse Pinkman Halloween Costume

Another easily recognisable character costume is Jessie Pinkman. The costume is similar to Walt’s in several ways. Jesse’s costume is a yellow toxic suit with elastic in the wrists.

The suit zips up in the front and may come with either black or blue Latex gloves. Jesse’s costume also has a mask with a fake breathing system.

However, Jesse’s costume may include goggles, which is something not featured in Walt’s costume.

Jesse’s costume may also come with a blue face mask that covers the mouth and nose.

The costume may also include white tennis shoes or black boots. Some versions of the costume come with disposable shoe covers. It depends on who the maker of the costume is.

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Popular Halloween Costumes for Baby

 Popular Halloween Costumes for Baby

5 Popular Halloween Costumes for Baby

Before your child gets old enough to be into all of the popular trends and fads when it comes to costumes, you might want to select one of the classic baby costumes for them to wear on Halloween night. Here is a collection of 5 popular Halloween costumes for baby that you might like to choose to celebrate the holiday season.

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Buy a Baby Pumpkin Patch Halloween Costume

Halloween costume for baby - Baby Pumpkin CostumeA very popular Halloween costume for babies is the baby pumpkin patch costume. This is absolutely perfect for the Halloween season as it is right on trend. You have decorated your home with carved out pumpkins and now you can dress up your little one to look like an adorable pumpkin.

These come in many sizes, so it is suitable for your little one. You can get this costume style as a newborn bunting for your tiny one and you can get costumes for children who are at the toddler stage.

Take a look at the selection and you will discover that you can get really cute and frilly pumpkin costumes with tutus for little girls, or fun and colourful legged costumes for little boys.

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Buy a Baby Devil or Baby Angel Halloween Costume

Halloween costume for baby - Baby Devil CostumeThere is nothing cuter than seeing a little baby dressed up as a little devil. I am sure that many parents feel that’s what they have during those middle of the night wake up calls for milk, right?

Well you can dress your little one up in their very own Baby Devil costume, complete with little ears and a cut little tail.

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Halloween costume for baby - Baby Angel CostumeIf you prefer angelic innocence, then you might like to choose a Baby Angel costume instead. You can find costumes that are made as one-piece outfits for babies or you can get a gown for an older child.

Cute accessories for an Angel Costume include a set of adorable angel wings and a halo headdress.

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Buy a Baby Bat Halloween Costume

Halloween costume for baby - Baby Bat CostumeHalloween wouldn’t be spooky if there weren’t frightening aspects to it. This season you can get your little one all dressed up in a scary winged bat costume. These type of costumes are generally black and purple, with a little bit of orange mixed in.

The cute accessories would be bat wings which are either made in the form of wing shapes or draped fabric that little ones can flap up and down.
You can also get a headdress that had little pointy ears on the top.

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Buy a Baby Skeleton Halloween Costume

Halloween costume for baby - Baby Skeleton CostumeSkeletons and witches are another classic baby Halloween costume option for boys and girls. The skeleton costumes are typically one piece jumpsuits, and some of them have hoods or glow in the dark.

You can choose the traditional style costume which is made from black fabric with a white outline that depicts the skeleton. Other options that are also very popular are the skeleton costumes that come in pink or purple.

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These are just 5 of the many baby Halloween costumes that you could choose for your little one. You will definitely have fun choosing and you might even end up with more than one option because they are all so darn cute.

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Princess Costumes & Other Character Costumes for Women This Halloween

Princess Costumes for Women

Dress Like a Princess or Famous Character This Halloween

When looking for a suitable Halloween costume for women, you will discover that there are several different types of lady like costumes to choose from. If you would like to be a princess for a day, or a fun character from a well loved film, here are some options that might appeal to you this Halloween.

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Be a Princess This Halloween

Cinderella Costume for WomenPrincess costumes are great character costumes for women and you’ll find Cinderella gowns that are short and sexy or ones that are more classic floor length.

These costumes come in light or brilliant blue colours. There are also storybook wigs you can buy so that you can copy Cinderella’s exact hairstyle. The glass slippers are also available.

If you are lucky, you will have your very own Prince Charming to take you to the ball. If not, you could always take a cute stuffed cuddly mouse with you, just like the mice who turn into horses and take you to the ball. 🙂

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Be Snow White This Halloween

Snow White Costume for WomenAnother storybook costume you could choose is the very lovely Snow White. Again, you can pick from costumes that are either sexy or classic in style.

If you prefer to be a little wicked, you could always choose to dress up as the thorn in Snow White’s side, the Evil Queen. You can find this particular costume has been made to look just like Snow White’s movie enemy.

The queen’s costume has the flowing robe, the gown and the gold, jagged crown.  So you have a choice between the innocent and sweet Snow White or the menacing Evil Queen.  You decide.

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Be Alice in Wonderland This Halloween

Alice in Wonderland Costume for WomenThere are two main costumes that you can pick from in the Alice in Wonderland stories. You can dress as Alice herself or you can get a Queen of Hearts fancy dress costume.

Alice is famous for her pale blue dress that she wears with a white cotton apron. Complete the look with a pair of white tights and a pair of black court shoes.

In Alice in Wonderland the Queen of Hearts dress is beautifully coloured with bright red details including the trio of hearts. The dress comes with the hoop so the dress will stand out like it’s supposed to. There is also a tiara and choker as part of this costume.

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Be Angelica – Pirates of the Caribbean This Halloween

Angelica - Pirates of the Caribbean Costume for WomenOne costume that is very popular each year is the pirate costume like Angelica wore in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

With this costume, you’ll get a top hat, the long vest with the patterns and the gathered, long sleeved white shirt. You will also get the corset, the decorative belt buckle and the slim black leggings.

The boot covers are also part of the costume but you might prefer to purchase your own pair of knee length boots.  Then to complete the whole look, all you will need to add is the sword!

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It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s always fun to dress up for Halloween and character costumes for women range from cute to sexy to frightening. Decide what style suits you and go out and have fun this Holiday Season.

Adorable Animal Costumes for Dogs – for Halloween

Animal Costumes for Dogs

Surprise Your Dog with a Cute Animal Costume for Halloween

Have you seen the Lion Costume for Dogs? Well this is just one of the Animal Costumes for Dogs have become very popular because they are a fun way to make sure that your pet doesn’t miss out on the Happy Halloween festivities.

These costumes are both cute and funny. If you want your pet to look adorable this holiday season, take a look at the type of costumes you could choose.

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Buy a Dinosaur Raptor Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Raptor CostumeThere are several dinosaur costumes that you could get for your dog. One great example is the Raptor fancy dress outfit.

You won’t find a cuter costume than this guy when you dress him up like he’s just stepped out of an Animal Planet special segment. The Raptor costumes are dinosaur costumes that have the long, extended tail and the body of the costume is realistically created to look like dinosaur skin.

The roaring, open mouth of the Raptor is where the dog’s face shows out of the costume, and his front legs fit into the legs of the dinosaur. The costume has the tiny dinosaur arms that extend out from the front.

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Buy a Dogzilla Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Dogzilla CostumeNot all of the dinosaur costumes are on the ferocious side. Some are very cuddly, like the dogzilla costumes. Get ready to take home the prize when he puts this one on.

From the tip of the snug fitting head of the dinosaur to the tip of the tail, this snuggly green guy will certainly get a lot of laughs. The costume even has the realistic ridges on the back, along with matching spots on the material of the costume.

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Buy a Skunk Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Skunk CostumeIf you have a small dog, your pet is going to cause trick or treaters to do a double take when he steps out in the skunk costume.

This one is so lifelike, at first glance, you’ll certainly think you’ve encountered a skunk.

The costume is an easy on/off option with black material, enhanced by the wide white strip running along the back of it from the head to the tail. The headpiece also has cute skunk ears.

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Buy a Pink Pig Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Pig CostumeThe pink pig costume for dogs is made of soft material that fits easily over your dog’s body and fastens below his body with pull on/off Velcro.

The dog’s face pokes out of the pig’s mouth. If you have more than one dog, you could even create a theme using barnyard animal costumes, like pairing the pig with the perky chicken costume for example.

Pictured here is a cute dog with a Pig Costume that sits securely on the head. This is an adorable costume for adorable little dogs.

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Buy an Elephant Dog Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Elephant CostumeIf you haven’t seen the elephant dog costume, you’re in for a real treat. This costume has a large elephant head with the long trunk that raises up above the dog’s head.

It has large Dumbo-like ears and two small white tusks just below the elephant’s trunk. For keeping your pet safe on Halloween night, there’s also a small opening so that you can slip the leash on.

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This is just the tip of the dog costume iceberg. There are plenty of other options to choose. Are you a fan of sports? You could pick a Sports Dog Costumes for Halloween.

Other animal costumes you could consider include those where dogs are dressed up as horses, with little jockeys sitting on top. There are Butterfly wings for dogs and even a Bat costume for dogs, which would be perfect for the Halloween season.

Check out more options by clicking on the link below.

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