3 Places To Find Halloween Costume Ideas

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The idea for a Halloween costume can come from anywhere. If you are looking for some inspiration or new ideas for this year’s fancy dress party, then here are there 3 places where you can start your search for costume ideas.

# 1 – Find Halloween Costume Ideas from TV Shows – Sookie Stackhouse Costume
Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume SetOne of the easiest places to find fancy dress costume ideas is from television. Take a look at the recent programmes to see if there is anything that jumps out at you as a good idea for a costume.

One example of a television show that provides a great costume idea is called True Blood. It is about vampires and witchcraft, which is also apt if you are searching for Halloween costume inspiration.

One of the popular characters is Sookie Stackhouse. The uniform that she has to wear for work makes for a great costume because it is very distinctive with its green and white colour combination. Add a blonde wig and the whole look completed very easily.

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# 2 – Find Halloween Costume Ideas from Books
Mr Darcy CostumeBefore there were films, there were books and there are millions of ideas to be gleaned from books in different genres.

You can look at books written in a particular century so that your costume idea is based on old fashioned garments. Once example is to take a look at a book like Pride and Prejudice.

The character of Elizabeth Bennett is a strong female and the type of dresses she wore were based on the empire line design. These dresses were made with a high waistband, which makes them very distinctive.

This would make a particular good costume idea for fans of period dress and drama. All a girl needs is her dashing Mr Darcy and she is all set for the Halloween ball.

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# 3 – Find Halloween Costume Ideas from Cartoons – Dora the Explorer Costume
Dora the Explorer Halloween CostumeCartoons can provide great entertainment and great inspiration for fancy dress costumes. Cartoons tend to have a lot of bright colours and the outfits worn by the characters are a little over the top so they look even better as costumes.

There are cartoon character based costumes that are perfect for children and there are others that would make excellent choices for adults.

One perfect example of a Halloween costume for little girls is using the cartoon character Dora the Explorer. The clothes that she wears in her show definitely stand out and anyone would recognise this as a fancy dress outfit. Her outfit includes a bright pink t-shirt, bright orange shorts and a purple backpack. Dora also has short dark brown hair, which can be achieved by getting a Dora wig.

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These are just 3 places where you can get Halloween costume and decoration ideas. All three are great places to start if you are stuck for what to wear this holiday season.