Pumpkin Decorations for Halloween

Pumpkin Decorations for HalloweenIf you are a big fan of the Halloween season, pumpkin decorations for Halloween are sure to play a huge part.

Here are just 2 great examples of how you can incorporate pumpkins into your holiday decoration and design so that your home is kitted out to perfection during this festive holiday season.

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# 1 – Make a Fancy Halloween Lantern With Your Pumpkins
Halloween Costumes and Decorations - Halloween LanternsIf you have really good skills you can make Halloween lanterns. Creating lanterns is quite the norm for the majority of people.

It can take a little bit of time to get it quite right but with practice and patience you can come up with a fun design for your pumpkins.

Making a lantern is done by scooping out the insides of the vegetable so that it is hollow. You then cut out holes that are in the shape of two eyes, a nose and a mouth.

The greater your skills, the more impressive your pumpkin will look. The finishing touch is placing a candle or a tea light inside the pumpkin and lighting it so that it provides a fantastic glow in the dark effect.

If you have small children you may want to replace the tea candles with LED lights so that they are completely safe.

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# 2 – Draw a Face on Your PumpkinsHalloween Crafts Book
The easiest way to use a pumpkin as part of your Halloween decorations design is by drawing a simple face on the front of the vegetable. You can do this with a big fat marker pen. Get your Sharpie and draw away.

This would also make a great activity that you could share with your children. Provide a small pumpkin for each child and let them get creative with their drawing. You never know, you might discover that you have the next Picasso growing up in your home.

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These are just two examples of how you can use pumpkins as part of your decoration during the Halloween holiday season.  You could also use a pumpkin to hold the Hallowen candy.  Find out more about where to find Halloween Candy for Sale online today.