Sports Dog Costume for Halloween

Sports Dog CostumeGetting a Sports Dog Costume for Halloween is the perfect option if you are a big sports fan. There is a huge selection to pick from so it can be a tough choice deciding which one you want to get.

Here are just a few that you could consider so that your pet can enjoy the Happy Halloween season with you.

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NFL Sports Dog Costume

NFL Dog Costume for Halloween
You can get licensed NFL costumes of your favourite team with the jersey numbers on the back of the costume. These costumes will have the same team colours that the players wear.

You can decide to go for the basic bandanna, which is attached to the dog’s collar, you can get a cute sports outfit, or you can get the fully fledged cheerleader costume.

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CheerLeader Costume for DogsCheerleader Costumes for Dogs
If you like the look of the cheerleader outfits, then can get a cheer-leading costume for your dog that is a mini replica of the cheerleading uniforms that are worn by your favourite team’s cheerleaders. All you have to do is look for the costume that represents your team.

Some costumes come as a dress that is easy to put on your pet. There are other costumes that include a set of small pom pom booties.

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Basketball Costumes for Dogs
Basketball Costume for DogsBasketball uniforms as costumes is also another option. These costumes are varied and can include the stuffed arms holding a ball so that it appears your dog is on his legs actually holding the ball.

The costume is a shirt and pants with the dog’s legs fitting through the legs of the pants. But you can also get the costumes that are basketball jerseys and come with matching booties for your pet.

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There are plenty more Halloween costumes and decorations that you could choose so that your pet is included in the holiday festivities. If you want to show your love for a particular sport, you could get the whole family involved and dress in matching outfits. Happy Halloween 🙂