Princess Costumes & Other Character Costumes for Women This Halloween

Princess Costumes for Women

Dress Like a Princess or Famous Character This Halloween

When looking for a suitable Halloween costume for women, you will discover that there are several different types of lady like costumes to choose from. If you would like to be a princess for a day, or a fun character from a well loved film, here are some options that might appeal to you this Halloween.

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Be a Princess This Halloween

Cinderella Costume for WomenPrincess costumes are great character costumes for women and you’ll find Cinderella gowns that are short and sexy or ones that are more classic floor length.

These costumes come in light or brilliant blue colours. There are also storybook wigs you can buy so that you can copy Cinderella’s exact hairstyle. The glass slippers are also available.

If you are lucky, you will have your very own Prince Charming to take you to the ball. If not, you could always take a cute stuffed cuddly mouse with you, just like the mice who turn into horses and take you to the ball. 🙂

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Be Snow White This Halloween

Snow White Costume for WomenAnother storybook costume you could choose is the very lovely Snow White. Again, you can pick from costumes that are either sexy or classic in style.

If you prefer to be a little wicked, you could always choose to dress up as the thorn in Snow White’s side, the Evil Queen. You can find this particular costume has been made to look just like Snow White’s movie enemy.

The queen’s costume has the flowing robe, the gown and the gold, jagged crown.  So you have a choice between the innocent and sweet Snow White or the menacing Evil Queen.  You decide.

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Be Alice in Wonderland This Halloween

Alice in Wonderland Costume for WomenThere are two main costumes that you can pick from in the Alice in Wonderland stories. You can dress as Alice herself or you can get a Queen of Hearts fancy dress costume.

Alice is famous for her pale blue dress that she wears with a white cotton apron. Complete the look with a pair of white tights and a pair of black court shoes.

In Alice in Wonderland the Queen of Hearts dress is beautifully coloured with bright red details including the trio of hearts. The dress comes with the hoop so the dress will stand out like it’s supposed to. There is also a tiara and choker as part of this costume.

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Be Angelica – Pirates of the Caribbean This Halloween

Angelica - Pirates of the Caribbean Costume for WomenOne costume that is very popular each year is the pirate costume like Angelica wore in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

With this costume, you’ll get a top hat, the long vest with the patterns and the gathered, long sleeved white shirt. You will also get the corset, the decorative belt buckle and the slim black leggings.

The boot covers are also part of the costume but you might prefer to purchase your own pair of knee length boots.  Then to complete the whole look, all you will need to add is the sword!

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It doesn’t matter how old you are, it’s always fun to dress up for Halloween and character costumes for women range from cute to sexy to frightening. Decide what style suits you and go out and have fun this Holiday Season.