Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume – Get The Perfect Trueblood Fancy Dress Costume

Sookie Stackhouse Halloween CostumeIf you love the True Blood television series and you are looking for a costume idea, then consider creating a Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume.

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True Blood is a TV programme created from the Sookie Stackhouse novels, which were written by Charlaine Harris. The TV show has moved on from the stories in the books but it is still as popular as ever.

If you are looking to put together the perfect Sookie look, then here are some great suggestions so that you can make your Halloween costume as authentic as possible.

The Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume
The Sookie Stackhouse costume consists of the following:Sookie Stackhouse T Shirt

  • A Merlotte’s Bar T-Shirt
  • A Green Apron
  • A Short Black Shorts
  • A Blonde Wig
  • A Black Tray
  • A Waitress Pad

The Merlotte’s Bar T-Shirt
Sookie Stackhouse works at Merlotte’s Bar and as part of her uniform, she wears this simple white t-shirt that has the name and logo of that bar. You can get your own transfers and create your own uniform and take a look at what has already been designed.

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Sookie Stackhouse Green ApronThe Sookie Stackhouse Green Apron
Part of Sookie’s work outfit at Merlotte’s Bar is a short green apron, which is what all the waitresses have to wear.

You can buy this seperately or you can get it with the t-shirt combination.

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The Sookie Black ShortsSookie Stackhouse Black Shorts
All the waitresses show off their pins in a pair of short shorts or a short skirt.

This is just one example of the type of black shorts you could get to complete the Merlotte’s Bar uniform.

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Get a Sookie Stackhouse Blonde WigSookie Stackhouse Blonde Wig
If you do not have long blonde hair, you can easily find the perfect wig to give you the Sookie look.

There are lots of different blonde wigs in different lengths and styles.

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The Sookie Stackhouse Black Tray
Part of the Sookie Stackhouse waitress look is a sturdy black Sookie Stackhouse Black Traytray in order to carry around bottles of Tru-Blood for her vampire customers.

Here is an example of the type of black tray you could choose to use to add to your costume.

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The Sookie Waitress PadSookie Stackhouse Waitress Pad
A waitress isn’t really worth her salt without her trusty notepad and pen.  This is something that you can make yourself by using any old notepad that you have at home.

Alternatively you could buy  wait staff notepad so that you look like the real deal. Here is just one example of the type of notepad you could purchase.

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To finish the whole look, you might want to add a pair of white tennis shoes and then your Sookie Stackouse Halloween Costume will be complete. This is definitely one of the easiest outfits to pull together and now all you need is your very own Bill Compton to take you to that Halloween ball.

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