Dora Explorer Halloween Costume for Little Girls

Dora CostumeAny fan of Dora the Explorer will love to dress up in a Dora the Explorer Halloween Costume for Little Girls.

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This character is always ready for the next big adventure and with right outfit and accessories your little girl could be transformed into an intrepid explorer ready to discover the delights of trick or treating and foraging for tasty candy treats.

What Does The Dora Explorer Costume Consist of?

  • A Dora Explorer Wig
  • A Dora Explorer Backpack
  • A Pair of Bright Orange Shorts
  • A Pink Short Sleeved T-Shirt
  • A Pair of Yellow Frilly Socks
  • A Pair of White Tennis Shoes

The Dora Explorer Wig
If your daughter already has dark hair, then this is something that you can forgo.

However, there are some really cute Dora wigs that you can get that are shaped with the super cute bangs. Wigs are usually sold in one size so you might have to trim it a little so that it frames your daughter’s face perfectly.

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The Dora Explorer Backpack
As a fearless explorer it is very important that Dora has all the things that she needs close to hand.Dora Explorer Backpack

This is remedied by the very handy backpack that she carries around with her at all times. If you are going trick or treating then this would be a very useful accessory for your child to have so that she has a place to store all her treats.

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The Bright Orange Shorts
Dora Explorer CostumePart of Dora’s look is the little shorts that she wears. She is always discovering new and exciting places and objects so she needs to be dressed in suitable attire.

The Pink Short Sleeved T Shirt
To complete the ensemble, Dora wears a bright big t-shirt with short sleeves. You can choose to buy these items separately but it is much easier to get the whole outfit together.

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The Yellow Frilly Socks
One item of footwear that you may need to buy is a pair of yellow frilly socks. These are very inexpensive to source and can be used again and again, once Halloween is over.

The White Tennis ShoesWhite Sneakers for Girls
If your child already owns a pair of white tennis shoes, then you do not have to go anywhere else in order to finish this look.

If you do need to invest in a pair, then you can choose to buy a brand new pair of shoes or use the shoe covers that comes with the Dora Explorer complete costume.

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When you are looking for a Dora Explorer Halloween costume, you will find that some places offer the complete set. Be sure to compare prices to make sure that you are getting a good deal.

When the Halloween season is over your child will still be able to have fun playing dress up all year long.

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