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Maleficent Halloween Costume Ideas for Women and Girls

Maleficent Halloween Costume Ideas for Women and Girls

The Disney movie Maleficent has been a huge hit and it’s full of characters to dress up as this Halloween. Whether you want to go as Maleficent or Aurora, there are plenty of costumes depicting good or evil characters to choose from.

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The Maleficent costume includes a black or purple dress that has a standup collar like is shown in the movie. Some of the dresses come with a slit in the front from the ankle to just above the knee.

Others also have a sculpted brooch on the front. The dresses have loose and billowing sleeves and tight waistlines.

The Maleficent costumes may also include a crow prop or a staff. The costume also has a headpiece with horns similar to the ones Maleficent wore in the movie.

The headpieces are usually large enough to hold hair back and up off the neck.

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This Disney themed costume is not only suitable for adults. You can also find adorable and suitable versions for younger girls.

The costumes for adults are close to ankle-length while the costumes for tweens are closer to knee-length.

The costumes may also include a bright red apple or a crown. If they don’t and you desire these items, they can be bought as separate pieces.

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For Aurora costumes, you can find a couple of different styles. One is a simple pale blue dress. Most of the dresses include gold trim around the wrists, hemline, waistline, and collar.

The dress stops about knee-length for children and teens.

Other Aurora costumes are gold dresses with pink flowers on the front. The costume may include a gold headpiece and matching shoes.

On adults, the gold dress stops just below the knee and has gold trim around the collar, waistline, and wrists.

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Buy a Monster High Halloween Costume for Girls

 Monster High Halloween Costumes for Girls

Which Monster High Halloween Costume Will You Choose?

If your child is a fan of Monster High, then she will definitely love the idea of dressing up in a Monster High Halloween Costume. There are several characters to choose from in this popular show. They way that they look is absolutely perfect for the Halloween season.

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Choose a Draculaura Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - DraculauraOne of the characters from this show is Draculaura. She is the teenage daughter of Dracula. This daughter of the night happens to love wearing black, naturally, but she does like to soften that stark colour with bright girlie colours like pink. She even has pink stripes in her hair.

Wearing a Draculaura costume will be one spooktacular way to celebrate Halloween. You’ll find lots of costumes for this character that feature pink and lots of ruffles. You’ll also find cute skirts and adorable knee socks over tights.

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Choose a Frankie Stein Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - Frankie SteinDraculaura isn’t the only teenage monster that rocks the hallways of Monster High. Her friend and fellow student at the most ghoulish school around is Frankie Stein.

This monster beauty has a style all her own, with lots of dark plaids. Make sure you look for the wig that really accessorises the costume and is part of her trademark look.

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Choose a Clawdeen Wolf Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - Clawdeen WolfIf you’re looking for a costume that has more of a bite to it, then you’ll love the Clawdeen Wolf one. She has lots of animal style.

There are lots of pieces that go along with dressing this character and you get all the accessories this character likes to wear.

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Choose a Ghoulia Yelps Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume  - Ghoulia YelpOut of all the monsters at Monster High, Ghoulia Yelps is rumoured to be the queen of all that’s dark, spooky and nerdy.

She has noticeable blue hair that’s a perfect foil for her bright and bold outfits and you’ll see those same bold colours reflected in the Halloween costumes labelled after this monster girl.

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Choose a Cleo de Nile Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - Cleo de NileFrom Monster High, Cleo de Nile isn’t just the Egyptian queen diva of the school. She’s the monster that knows what it takes to look good in an outfit and your little girl will, too in the costumes that are fit for a queen.

You’ll find various styles for this character, including mummy wraps and more. However you may want to make sure you jazz up the costume with jewellery fit for a queen. You’ll find many of the costumes come with armbands already included. Make sure you add plenty of gold bangle bracelets.

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Choose a Lagoona Blue Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - Lagoona BlueLagoona Blue is also part of the circle of friends at Monster High and this not so under the sea monster makes a great Halloween costume.

Your little girl will have a splashingly good time in the different fin and scale costumes for Lagoona Blue that you can choose from.

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There are plenty more monsters you can choose from, too – monsters like Abbey Bominable and Spectra Vondergeist and lots more that roam the Monster High halls, entertaining little girls everywhere!

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Top Selling Halloween Costumes for Children from Amazon

Disney Frozen Elsa Halloween Costume for Little GirlsShopping for Halloween costumes for Children on Amazon is really easy. You can see what the product looks like and you know that it will be shipped to you fairly quickly.

Here is a list of the current top ten selling Halloween costumes for children so far this year.

The list changes with every new salse so if you want to see an updated version of the Top Ten List, CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Top Selling Halloween Costumes for Children from Amazon

#1 – Disney Frozen Enchanted Anna DressDisney Frozen Anna Dress
The Disney movie Frozen was such a huge succcess when it was released. Everyone knows the story and the songs.

It is not surprising that lots of little girls want to dress up as the characters from this film. This is an adorable little dress.

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#2 – Sofia the First Transforming DressSofia the First Halloween Costume
Sofia the First is an adorable princess from the Disney family. She becomes a Princess when her mother marries King Roland II of the kingdom of Enchancia.

Sofia has a magical amulet that lets her talk to and under animals. This new series of animated stories has become very popular and that is the reason this pretty little costume ranks so high.

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#3 – Disney Frozen Enchanting Elsa DressDisney Frozen Elsa Halloween Costume for Little Girls
There are two main characters in the Disney’s Frozen movie. Anna made it to the number one spot in this top ten list but her sister Elsa isn’t that far behind.

This is a very cute little dress for girls aged 3 years and above. All you need is a smart tiara and the ice-blue shoes and this princess outfit is complete.

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#4 – Melissa and Doug Fire Chief Costume Set Melissa and Doug Fire Chief Costume
Melissa and Doug produce a very popular and very extensive range of children’s educational toys and accessories. It is only natural that they would provide fun fancy dress costumes that both boys and girls would enjoy.This Fire Chief costume set consists of

  • a machine washable jacket
  • a helmet
  • a bull horn
  • a fire extinguisher

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#5 – Baby Newborn Crochet Turtle CostumeBaby Newborn Crochet Turtle Costume
It has become very popular to photograph babies and toddlers in crocheted outfits. This version of a turtle is too adorable for words.

If you want to capture long-lasting memories of your little one, you might want to look this and the rest of the crochet costume range.

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#6 – Another Frozen Costume – Elsa Deluxe DressElsa Halloween Costume for Girls
There are lots of different versions of the Disney Frozen costumes. It is a good idea to look at the various options so that you can decide which style is best suited to the age of your child.

Here is another Elsa dress that is very popular. This is very pretty and is perhaps suited to an older child. This one comes with the tiara included.

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#7 – Peppa Pig Dress
Pepa Pig Halloween Costume for GirlsPeppa Pig is a British animated series aimed at pre-schoolers, which has become a hit all over the world. This cute little dress has been inspired by the colour of characters, that colour being bright pink.

This little outfit is a printed t-shirt attached to a frilly pink taffetta tutu. A set of Peppa Pig bobbin pins are also included.

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#8 – Disney Princess Brave Merida
Disney Brave Princess Merida Halloween CostumeThis costume is based on the Scottish Princess character from the Disney Pixar animated movie Brave. This costume looks particularly well made and is priced at a nicely affordable level.

Princess Merida has a big ball of tumbling red curly hair.  To complete this look for Halloween, you could get your little one a lovely long wig so that she looks even more like the character.

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#9 – Disney Frozen Princess Elsa CostumeDisney Princess Frozen Elsa Dress - Nightgown
It looks like the Disney Frozen Princess costumes might be the most popular choice this year. Here is another option in the Amazon’s Top Ten bestsellers.

Althought this has been listed as a costume, the image looks more like a very pretty nightdress. If you have a little girl who wants to feel like a princess when it is time for bed, then this could be the perfect solution.

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#10 – DC Comics Boys Action Trio Superhero Halloween Costume SetAction Hero Halloween Costume Set
Up until now, the list has consisted mainly of princess dresses and gowns. Now here is something for little boys and little tomboys.

This 3 in 1costume set is a great bargain if you have more than one child.  They can choose to be Superman, Batman or Robin. The price is very reasonable too.

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Fancy Nancy Halloween Costume for Little Girls

Fancy Nancy Halloween Costume for GirlsThe Fancy Nancy Halloween Costume is a wonderful costume idea inspired by a very popular collection of books.

This would be lovely for any little girl who loves to play dress up and loves to look her very best.

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Angelina Ballerina Halloween Costume

Angelina Ballerina Fancy Dress CostumeIf your little girl likes to dress up like a pretty ballerina then the Angelina Ballerina Halloween Costume is the perfect choice as a fancy dress costume. Your little one can look just like the little dancer from the pretty picture books in the Angelina Ballerina collection.

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