5 Very Popular Halloween Costumes for Men

5 Popular Halloween Costumes for MenHere are 5 Popular Halloween Costumes for Men that never go out of style

Men, if you are looking for a Halloween costume for this year’s festivities, here are 5 options that have proved very popular over the years.

Choose your costume wisely and you could end up with more than a bowl of candy when you go trick or treating this Halloween.

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#1 – Pirate Halloween Costume for Men

Halloween Costume for Men - a PirateEveryone loves a pirate, especially with the success of the Disney movie franchise Pirates of the Caribbean, starring the adorable Johnny Depp.

You could be just as adorable by choosing a pirate Halloween costume. There’s always something about the pirate costume that gets attention. Regardless of the style or colour of the costume, a pirate costume speaks of danger and intrigue and women love a sexy pirate.

You can dress like a swashbuckling hero in costume with the long vest, pants and waist sash. With the dreads, bandana and dark eyeliner, you’ll be the captain of Halloween night.

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#2 – Police Office Halloween Costume for Men

Halloween costume for Men - Police OfficerSpeaking of sexy, there’s something about a man in a uniform that just commands ones attention. The men’s police officer costume certainly earns the title of sexy.

This type of fancy dress costume generally comes with the hat, belt for attaching the weapon, badge, handcuffs, baton and name-tag.

The sunglasses and shoes are usually not included but something from your own wardrobe is sure to be suitable.

You might also like to add a very useful notepad and pen so that you can take down the particulars of any fellow Halloween guests who catch your eye.

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#3 – Fire Fighter Halloween Costume for Men

Halloween Costume for Men - FirefighterFighting fires is a dream that some little boys have and don’t outgrow when they become men. That dream can be a reality for Halloween night with the men’s fire-fighter costume.

The costume usually has plenty of pieces, including the overall pants featuring the reflective lines down the sides.

It has the protective overcoat and helmet depicting that this fireman is there to protect and serve.

If you are brave enough, and have the physique, you might want to forgo the T-shirt. Definitely something that would delight the ladies.

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#4 – Top Gun Pilot Halloween Costume for Men

Halloween Costume for Men - Top GunTop gun pilots became popular back in the 80s and as a result, the men’s aviator flight suits are still popular classic costumes for men.

These jumpsuits come complete with military insignia patches. There is also a wingman costume available.

Not all flights have military men at the controls and becoming a pilot for Halloween is as easy as donning the pilot’s costume.

There are several in this line and they come with a jacket, pants and hat. The jacket is trimmed with gold, has gold buttons down the front and is decorated with flight insignia.

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#5 – Knight Halloween Costume for Men

Halloween costume for Men - KnightThe valiant knight is a costume that has roots in medieval times and has the tunic with hood as well as the sword and shield.

Being a prince was as important during medieval times as it is today. Some costumes features the pants and tailcoat along with the sash across the coat.

A television programme that have helped to improve the popularity of all things medieval is The Game of Thrones.  If you fancy pitting your wits against your enemies, then a Knights fancy dress outfit, complete with a trusty sword will help you say the day.

You might even win the hand of a Halloween princess.

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There are so many options to choose from. If you are looking for an outfit where you will look sexy, cute or dashing, then choosing one of these Halloween costumes could fit the bill.

Buy a Monster High Halloween Costume for Girls

 Monster High Halloween Costumes for Girls

Which Monster High Halloween Costume Will You Choose?

If your child is a fan of Monster High, then she will definitely love the idea of dressing up in a Monster High Halloween Costume. There are several characters to choose from in this popular show. They way that they look is absolutely perfect for the Halloween season.

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Choose a Draculaura Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - DraculauraOne of the characters from this show is Draculaura. She is the teenage daughter of Dracula. This daughter of the night happens to love wearing black, naturally, but she does like to soften that stark colour with bright girlie colours like pink. She even has pink stripes in her hair.

Wearing a Draculaura costume will be one spooktacular way to celebrate Halloween. You’ll find lots of costumes for this character that feature pink and lots of ruffles. You’ll also find cute skirts and adorable knee socks over tights.

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Choose a Frankie Stein Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - Frankie SteinDraculaura isn’t the only teenage monster that rocks the hallways of Monster High. Her friend and fellow student at the most ghoulish school around is Frankie Stein.

This monster beauty has a style all her own, with lots of dark plaids. Make sure you look for the wig that really accessorises the costume and is part of her trademark look.

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Choose a Clawdeen Wolf Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - Clawdeen WolfIf you’re looking for a costume that has more of a bite to it, then you’ll love the Clawdeen Wolf one. She has lots of animal style.

There are lots of pieces that go along with dressing this character and you get all the accessories this character likes to wear.

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Choose a Ghoulia Yelps Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume  - Ghoulia YelpOut of all the monsters at Monster High, Ghoulia Yelps is rumoured to be the queen of all that’s dark, spooky and nerdy.

She has noticeable blue hair that’s a perfect foil for her bright and bold outfits and you’ll see those same bold colours reflected in the Halloween costumes labelled after this monster girl.

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Choose a Cleo de Nile Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - Cleo de NileFrom Monster High, Cleo de Nile isn’t just the Egyptian queen diva of the school. She’s the monster that knows what it takes to look good in an outfit and your little girl will, too in the costumes that are fit for a queen.

You’ll find various styles for this character, including mummy wraps and more. However you may want to make sure you jazz up the costume with jewellery fit for a queen. You’ll find many of the costumes come with armbands already included. Make sure you add plenty of gold bangle bracelets.

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Choose a Lagoona Blue Halloween Costume

Monster High Halloween Costume - Lagoona BlueLagoona Blue is also part of the circle of friends at Monster High and this not so under the sea monster makes a great Halloween costume.

Your little girl will have a splashingly good time in the different fin and scale costumes for Lagoona Blue that you can choose from.

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There are plenty more monsters you can choose from, too – monsters like Abbey Bominable and Spectra Vondergeist and lots more that roam the Monster High halls, entertaining little girls everywhere!

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Baby Halloween Costumes for Baby’s First Halloween

Baby Halloween Costume for Babys First Halloween

Where to Buy Baby’s First Halloween Costumes

Halloween Superman Baby Bunting CostumeYour baby’s first Halloween costume isn’t for the child at all. It is for you, the happy parents.

You’re excited and you want your son or daughter to look precious all dressed up.

There are some really cute newborn Halloween costumes, but even more choices if your child is 6 months or older.

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Bunting Baby Costumes – 0-6 Months Old

Halloween Mermaid Baby Bunting CostumeMany of the first costumes for babies will be in the form of bunting or “snuggle sacks” as some people call them.A classic one you can find is a pea pod costume. It’s your baby, snuggled up inside the pod, with three little peas on his or her tummy and a little baby hat that looks like the pea stem.

For boy babies, you might want to go the Superhero route. There’s a really cute Superman bunting costume for baby (click the image above), that has a big S on the chest and a red cape on the back in case he has to fly off in an emergency.

If your baby is a girl, then you can dress your princess up in a cute little mermaid bunting costume. The mermaid tail is the perfect baby bunting. The tail is a beautiful sea green, the top is a pretty pink, and there’s a headpiece that looks like a seashell.

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Halloween Costumes for Older Babies

Halloween Wizard of Oz Baby Lion CostumeIf your baby is a bit older than newborn on his or her first Halloween, then you might want to choose a costume with legs instead of bunting for the bottom portion.

There are plenty of boy and girl costumes with tops and bottoms and some even have built in bibs in case you need to stop trick or treating for a quick feeding.

Halloween Romper Costumes for Babies

Halloween Pink Rabbit Baby CostumeThis age also has romper costumes, where the legs are separated, but the total costume is a one-piece suit. For boys, you might want to look at the Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Romper, or the Lovable Lion Costume.

Little girls can wear a Precious Pink Rabbit Halloween costume,  with a cute little carrot as an accessory.  This would be perfect for cold weather climates,

Another lovely baby costume idea is the Princess Leia costume that comes with a baby hat that has her trademark side buns.

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Buy a Baby Costume for Halloween & Christmas

Halloween Angel Baby CostumeIf you’re having special baby pictures taken for your child’s first Halloween, you might consider getting one of the Baby Angel costumes.

They sell feathered halos and Angel wings, and that’s all you put on your baby for the cherubic shot. These pictures could also be used as images for your Christmas cards.

Send them out to family and friends.  If you are able to use the baby costume on more than one occasion, this is a great way to save some money.

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Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes

Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes

Game of Thrones Halloween Costumes for Couples

Game of Thrones is an American Fantasy drama series. The story is based on a collection of fantasy novels. The show is set in a medieval land that is populated by a host of kings, queens, love, war and a lot of violence.

If you are looking for a Halloween costume for couples you could, why not choose the great Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drago as inspiration.

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Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Khaleesi Halloween Costume - Blue DressDaenerys Targaryen is a major female character in the show. As she is the last remaining survivor of King Aerys II Targaryen, who was ousted from his throne by rebels, she believes that she is the rightful queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

Daenerys’ Royal Blue Dress

There are a few dresses that you can choose from, depending on the style that you prefer.

If you want to go for a formal look, then you might like the royal blue dress that she wears with the long blue cape.

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The Dothraki Khaleesi Costume

Khaleesi Halloween CostumeIf you prefer the earthy tones and you are happy to show off a little more flesh, choose the outfit that consists of a brown bustier top with a brown leather and suede skirt that sits low on the hips.

Add a pair of leather fingerless gloves and knee high boots and your look is complete.

There are several costumes that you can buy but they may not be exactly right.  You could customize by taking ready made dress and accesssorising so that it looks more like the Khaleesi.

It is very easy to cut the bottom of a dress and give it a rough edge to make it look a little more authentic.

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Khaleesi White Blond Wig

Game of Thrones Khaleesi Blond WigDaenerys has long white blond hair. This is not the natural colour for the majority of women but it is fairly easy to locate a beautiful wig.

It is a good idea to buy a basic long wig and style it yourself. You can add the waves and ringlets and the little plaits at the side to hold the hair back.

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Khal Drogo Halloween Costume

Khal Drogo Halloween CostumesIf you are going to a Halloween party as part of a couple, then the choice of a Khal Drogo costume would be perfect.

He was married to Daenerys but was killed in the first season of the show. The character may be gone but this is still a very popular choice as a Halloween costume.

Khal Drogo’s Outfit

This costume consists of a high waisted belt-like top made from leather and suede fabrics that are cut into different shapes and sewn together. These are worn over a pair of brown leather or suede pants. Add a gold metal belt or a leather apron on top of the pants.

Khal Drogo Halloween CostumeIf you can not find a specific Khal Drogo costume, you can create your own by customising a male warrior or gladiator costume.

As a warrior, Khal Drogo has many weapons. You can choose to accessorise your Halloween costume with a set of daggers or a large fake sickle. Add a pair of leather arm guards and a pair of sturdy brown boots and you will be all set.

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Khal Drogo Wig

Khal Drogo WigKhal’s hair is long and brown. You can choose to leave it loose or tie it back away from the face. He also has a moustache and a long beard which is tied into sections.

Use colourful elastic bands or embroidery thread to re-create this look.

As well as the dark facial hair, Khal’s eyes are outlined with thick black eye-liner and eye-shadow. This helps to make him look like even more of a fierce warrior.

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Khal Drogo’s Tattoos

Temporary TattoosKhal Drogo’s body is adorned with tattoos that feature prominently on his back, shoulders and they also decorate his pectoral muscles. The tattoos are like his warrior armour. This can be added with body paint using a pale blue shade.

Alternatively you could get a temporary tattoo, choosing from a range of available styles.

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These are just two examples of Halloween costumes inspired by a great televsion show. These outfits would be perfect for any fancy dress party or event.

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4 Great Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Home

Here 4 great Halloween Decoration ideas for your home. The right props will help you to create a fantastic spooky atmosphere for all the family to enjoy.

#1 – Buy a Skeleton or Skelton Bones

Halloween-SkeletonIf you want to recreate a terrifying atmosphere in and around your home, then a skeleton is sure to induce fear into anyone who comes a visiting.

You can choose to use a full size model and have it standing at the front door to greet your guests or you can actually buy packets of loose bones made out of plastic, which you can then place in different locations.

Some bones can look really authentic which will add an extra special dimension to your spooky party.

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#2 – Add Cobwebs for The Perfect Halloween Atmosphere

Halloween CobwebsA ghostly house needs to look like it has been unlived in and you can achieve this by placing spider webs around the room.

You can either use a white netting that you can drape over your furniture or you can buy cans of cobweb spray.

This product works really well because it looks like the real thing and will last as long as the party lasts.

It is also very easy to remove so you do not have to worry about creating too much of a mess regardless of how much you use so just go to town and cover every surface.

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#3 – Don’t Forget the Witch and Her Black Cat

Halloween-Witch-DecalThe image of the witch and her black cat is a central figure of Halloween and you should definitely make sure to incorporate this in your Halloween decorations.

You can buy large puppets that you can hang from the ceiling so that it looks like a witch has decided to pay a flying visit to your home.

Alternatively you can get decals that you can stick to your windows or walls. There are some excellent images that you can find either in your local mall or by looking online.

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#4 – Halloween Witches Broomstick

Witches Broomstick for ChildrenIf you can’t get a witch puppet or figure for your party, then you could at least think about buying or even making your own witch like broomstick.

Rest it against the wall and ask your guests to look out for the witch who forgot their broomstick.

Creating a Halloween atmosphere for your home can be a fun activity for the whole family to share.


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You can choose to go crazy and buy lots of holiday accessories for your home. Alternatively you could choose to make a lot of your own decorations. Whatever you decide, you are sure to have a fantastic Halloween.

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