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Adorable Animal Costumes for Dogs – for Halloween

Animal Costumes for Dogs

Surprise Your Dog with a Cute Animal Costume for Halloween

Have you seen the Lion Costume for Dogs? Well this is just one of the Animal Costumes for Dogs have become very popular because they are a fun way to make sure that your pet doesn’t miss out on the Happy Halloween festivities.

These costumes are both cute and funny. If you want your pet to look adorable this holiday season, take a look at the type of costumes you could choose.

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Buy a Dinosaur Raptor Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Raptor CostumeThere are several dinosaur costumes that you could get for your dog. One great example is the Raptor fancy dress outfit.

You won’t find a cuter costume than this guy when you dress him up like he’s just stepped out of an Animal Planet special segment. The Raptor costumes are dinosaur costumes that have the long, extended tail and the body of the costume is realistically created to look like dinosaur skin.

The roaring, open mouth of the Raptor is where the dog’s face shows out of the costume, and his front legs fit into the legs of the dinosaur. The costume has the tiny dinosaur arms that extend out from the front.

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Buy a Dogzilla Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Dogzilla CostumeNot all of the dinosaur costumes are on the ferocious side. Some are very cuddly, like the dogzilla costumes. Get ready to take home the prize when he puts this one on.

From the tip of the snug fitting head of the dinosaur to the tip of the tail, this snuggly green guy will certainly get a lot of laughs. The costume even has the realistic ridges on the back, along with matching spots on the material of the costume.

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Buy a Skunk Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Skunk CostumeIf you have a small dog, your pet is going to cause trick or treaters to do a double take when he steps out in the skunk costume.

This one is so lifelike, at first glance, you’ll certainly think you’ve encountered a skunk.

The costume is an easy on/off option with black material, enhanced by the wide white strip running along the back of it from the head to the tail. The headpiece also has cute skunk ears.

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Buy a Pink Pig Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Pig CostumeThe pink pig costume for dogs is made of soft material that fits easily over your dog’s body and fastens below his body with pull on/off Velcro.

The dog’s face pokes out of the pig’s mouth. If you have more than one dog, you could even create a theme using barnyard animal costumes, like pairing the pig with the perky chicken costume for example.

Pictured here is a cute dog with a Pig Costume that sits securely on the head. This is an adorable costume for adorable little dogs.

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Buy an Elephant Dog Costume for Your Dog

Animal Costumes for Dogs - Elephant CostumeIf you haven’t seen the elephant dog costume, you’re in for a real treat. This costume has a large elephant head with the long trunk that raises up above the dog’s head.

It has large Dumbo-like ears and two small white tusks just below the elephant’s trunk. For keeping your pet safe on Halloween night, there’s also a small opening so that you can slip the leash on.

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This is just the tip of the dog costume iceberg. There are plenty of other options to choose. Are you a fan of sports? You could pick a Sports Dog Costumes for Halloween.

Other animal costumes you could consider include those where dogs are dressed up as horses, with little jockeys sitting on top. There are Butterfly wings for dogs and even a Bat costume for dogs, which would be perfect for the Halloween season.

Check out more options by clicking on the link below.

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